, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 423-430
Date: 24 Feb 2012

Review of Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism

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The very title of this collection places a considerable weight upon its shoulders. Taken individually, the discussions and debates surrounding both transcendental philosophy and philosophical naturalism have motivated vast amounts of philosophical discourse. Of course, it is for this very reason that an engagement of these two philosophical outlooks is both justified and important. Kant’s philosophical influence remains perennial yet the contemporary prominence of philosophical naturalism has led to something of a rift in the philosophical landscape. As Smith and Sullivan recognise in their introduction to this collection, Kantian transcendental idealism lies fundamentally at odds with the central tenets of philosophical naturalism; it is a “profoundly non-naturalistic doctrine” (Smith and Sullivan 2011:16). Kant’s transcendental idealism follows from an investigation into the a priori necessary conditions of the possibility of cognition. In itself, this is enough to put it at odds wit ...