, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 139-143
Date: 06 Oct 2010

Movement is our mother tongue

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“Every thinker”, wrote Heidegger, “only thinks one single thought” (Heidegger 1954: 20). One might wonder to what extent this is true of, say, Aristotle, Locke, or Wittgenstein, but it certainly seems true of Heidegger himself. His work seems dominated by the thought of “being” (das Sein). Another twentieth century thinker who fits the bill is, of course, Levinas. Especially when one reads Levinas’ later works, one is struck by the extent to which the same thought recurs again and again—call it the thought of, or response to, “the other”. This thought, as Derrida famously puts it, “proceeds with the infinite insistence of waves on a beach: return and repetition, always, of the same wave against the same shore, in which, however as each return recapitulates itself, it also infinitely renews and enriches itself” (Derrida 1978: 312).

This quote describes the essays collected in The Corporeal Turn remarkably well.

Unless otherwise noted, all references are to this book.

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