Date: 29 Jul 2009

Editorial for issue 3

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This issue of the journal contains three articles on assessment instruments and one on policy implementation.

In the first article Lars G. Björk and Joseph Blase investigate one of the links between government and schools within the in the major educational reform No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in the USA. One of the aspirations of the NCLB was to make teachers and schools accountable for student learning and thus to make school districts and schools more active in implementing the reform. In this study Björk and Blase explore the case of one school district and ways in which new consortia, a new superintendent and a number of middle managers worked on implementing the reform through distributing leadership and using a Total Quality Management model in the school district and in schools.

An important feature of the school district reform was that middle managers, like deputy superintendents, had to implement new structures and practices that could eventually make their own position redundan