, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp 355-365
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Fullerene C60 Trichloromethylation Through CCl4 Plasmalysis or Sonolysis

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The trichloromethylation of C60 fullerene was achieved either under plasmalysis conditions, i.e. by arcing a solution of C60 in CCl4 between two graphite electrodes, or by sonolysis of C60 in CCl4. The resulting products were studied by UV–VIS and FT-IR spectroscopy as well as by thermogravimetric analysis in comparison to the trichloromethyl adducts formed by radiolysis or photolysis of C60 in CCl4. A reference study on the plasmalysis of pure CCl4 has revealed the formation of carbon soot and hexachlorobenzene. The formation of the latter compound was suppressed when C60 was present in CCl4.