, Volume 42, Issue 5, pp 399-403
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Comments on the Contribution Life, Autonomy and Cognition

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Comments on the contribution Life, Autonomy and Cognition

Pier Luigi Luisi

As the initiator of this series of OQOL, I am very glad that we have every year a substantial contribution from philosophy. The reasoning of what we are doing and why, which is the conceptual framework of our work, should in fact be with us all the time, and we should be glad to Luisa Damiano and Leonardo Bich for indicating the way, and recalling to us the work of people like Piaget, and by inference Weiss, Foerster, Maturana and Varela. In particular, notions like biological autonomy, operational closure in self-organization, invariant properties, are too important to be forgotten.

Having said this, let me turn to more specific points in this paper. One of their major point is that cognition is an universal quality. Yes, but they define life, at the very start, as something endowed with cognition (meant as the dynamic interaction between the living and the environment). Then, it seems to me, it may appear a littl ...