Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 41, Issue 3, pp 137-149

Synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers by optical injection with random phase modulation

  • Shin-itiro GotoAffiliated withNTT Communication Science LaboratoriesPhysics Department, Lancaster University Email author 
  • , Peter DavisAffiliated withNTT Communication Science Laboratories
  • , Kazuyuki YoshimuraAffiliated withNTT Communication Science Laboratories
  • , Atsushi UchidaAffiliated withDepartment of Information and Computer Sciences, Saitama University

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It is shown that identical synchronization of two chaotic semiconductor lasers can be achieved by injection of a common optical signal with randomly varying phase. An optical signal with randomly modulated phase is injected into two semiconductor lasers which have chaotic oscillations due to optical feedback. Strong correlation between complex intensity oscillations of the two lasers is observed even though the intensity of the common injection signal is constant. Characteristic properties of this type of synchronization are shown, in particular, the dependence of the synchronization threshold on the injection strength and the rate of phase modulation, and the dependence of the intensity correlation on the difference in phase of optical feedback.


Semiconductor lasers Laser diodes Dynamics of nonlinear optical systems Optical instabilities Optical chaos and complexity Optical spatio-temporal dynamics Synchronization Coupled oscillators


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