, Volume 39, Issue 4-6, pp 361-375
Date: 16 Jun 2007

Quasi phase matching in two-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystals

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We analyze quasi-phase-matched (QPM) conversion efficiency of the five possible types of periodic two-dimensional nonlinear structures: Hexagonal, square, rectangular, centered-rectangular, and oblique. The frequency conversion efficiency, as a function of the two-dimensional quasi-phase-matching order, is determined for the general case. Furthermore, it is demonstrated for two basic feasible motifs, a circular motif and a rectangular motif. This enables to determine the optimal motif dimensions for achieving the highest conversion efficiency. We find that a rectangular motif is more efficient than a circular motif for quasi-phase-matched processes that rely on a single reciprocal lattice vector (RLV), and that under optimal choice of motif dimensions, it converges into a one-dimensional periodic structure. In addition, in a few specific cases we found that higher order QPM can be significantly more efficient than lower order QPM.