, Volume 38, Issue 9-11, pp 761-780
Date: 30 Jan 2007

Self-phase modulation in slow-wave structures: A comparative numerical analysis

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Self-phase modulation effects in 1D optical slow-wave structures made of Fabry–Pérot cavities coupled by Distributed Bragg Reflectors (DBRs) are discussed. The nonlinear response of the structure is investigated by a comparative analysis of several numerical methods operating either in time or frequency-domain. Time-domain methods include two Finite-Difference Time-Domain approaches, respectively, optimized to compensate for numerical dispersion and to model nonlinearity at any order. In the frequency-domain an efficient method based on a numerical integration of Maxwell’s equations and an iterative nonlinear extension of the Eigenmode Expansion method are discussed. A Nonlinear Equivalent Circuit of DBRs is also presented as a useful model to reduce computational efforts. Numerical results show that bistable effects and self-pulsing phenomena can occur when either the optical power or the number of coupled cavities of the structure are sufficiently increased.