, Volume 37, Issue 11, pp 1011-1023

Theoretical and Experimental Study on all-optical Wavelength Converters Based on the Single-port-coupled SOA

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We analyze the all-optical wavelength converter (AOWC)-based on cross-gain modulation (XGM) in a single-port-coupled (SPC) semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). A comprehensive dynamic model is developed by considering longitudinal variations of the carrier density, the residual rear-facet reflectivity of the SOA and the wide-band spontaneous noise emission. The numerical simulations for the novel wavelength conversion at 10 Gbit/s are presented based on the model. The extinction ratio (ER), conversion efficiency and pattern effect of the SPC-SOA-based wavelength converters are investigated, respectively. Compared with the traditional scheme of the double-portcoupled (DPC) SOA, the SPC-SOA scheme has better performance. We have obtained that the ER is higher than 10 dB with the pump wavelength turned over 15nm from experiments. The experimental results are in agreement with the simulation results.