, Volume 64, Issue 1, pp 105-126
Date: 08 Nov 2012

Semilocal convergence and R-order for modified Chebyshev-Halley methods

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In this paper, we study the semilocal convergence and R-order for a class of modified Chebyshev-Halley methods for solving non-linear equations in Banach spaces. To solve the problem that the third-order derivative of an operator is neither Lipschitz continuous nor Hölder continuous, the condition of Lipschitz continuity of third-order Fréchet derivative considered in Wang et al. (Numer Algor 56:497–516, 2011) is replaced by its general continuity condition, and the latter is weaker than the former. Furthermore, the R-order of these methods is also improved under the same condition. By using the recurrence relations, a convergence theorem is proved to show the existence-uniqueness of the solution and give a priori error bounds. We also analyze the R-order of these methods with the third-order Fréchet derivative of an operator under different continuity conditions. Especially, when the third-order Fréchet derivative is Lipschitz continuous, the R-order of the methods is at least six, which is higher than the one of the method considered in Wang et al. (Numer Algor 56:497–516, 2011) under the same condition.