, Volume 67, Issue 2, pp 987-996
Date: 22 Apr 2011

On the boundedness of solutions to the Lorenz-like family of chaotic systems

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This paper deals with a class of three-dimensional autonomous nonlinear systems which have potential applications in secure communications, and investigates the localization problem of compact invariant sets of a class of Lorenz-like chaotic systems which contain T system with the help of iterative theorem and Lyapunov function theorem. Since the Lorenz-like chaotic system does not have y in the second equation, the approach used to the Lorenz system cannot be applied to the Lorenz-like chaotic system. We overcome this difficulty by introducing a cross term and get an interesting result, which includes the most interesting case of the chaotic attractor of the Lorenz-like systems. Furthermore, the results obtained in this paper are applied to study complete chaos synchronization. Finally, numerical simulations show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.