, Volume 38, Issue 1-2, pp 63-78

Assessment of Discharge through a Dike Breach and Simulation of Flood Wave Propagation

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This paper presents a simple and fast method to calculate flow through a dike breach. The approach was based on two-dimensional numerical simulations of idealized dike breakages at straight river-sections. As a result, computation of discharge through a breach can be achieved by use of the new developed formula (denoted as dike break formula). Furthermore, a methodology that combines one-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling, the dike break formula and a simple GIS-based method to estimate inundation areas is described. This fast and easy-to-handle tool can be utilized for near real-time forecasting or evacuation decisions. Detailed predictions were made for a number of flood and dike break scenarios at the River Rhine to prove the accuracy of the new method compared with two-dimensional numerical models.