, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp 279-297
Date: 05 Nov 2009

Discussion Paper: Airport Privatization in India

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With liberalization of air travel services and the advent of low cost airlines, the Indian Civil Aviation Sector is in for a major overhaul over the next few years. As identified by the Naresh Chandra Committee, the current state of Indian airports is inadequate to handle the resulting increase in air traffic. This paper starts with a brief on the rationale for airport privatization and international experience with it, with a focus on developing countries. Gaps between Indian and international airports in some operating and financial metrics (like Non aeronautical revenue per passenger, passenger per employee etc) are used to identify possible areas for improvement in Indian airports. Finally, current modes of airport infrastructure provision in India are summarized.

The author recognizes the guidance received from Dr. Simrit Kaur, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi.