, Volume 34, Issue 7, pp 1343-1353
Date: 24 Jan 2009

HU210-Induced Downregulation in Cannabinoid CB1 Receptor Binding Strongly Correlates with Body Weight Loss in the Adult Rat

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In vitro autoradiography was used to examine changes in cannabinoid CB1 receptors (targeted with [3H] CP55,940) in rats treated with the potent cannabinoid agonist HU210. Animals were administered with HU210 (25, 50, 100 μg/kg) for 4 or 14 days or received a single 100 μg/kg injection of HU210 and sacrificed 24 h later. The acute dose resulted in a decrease in binding in the caudate putamen and hippocampus. A dose dependent, region-specific reduction (P < 0.0001) in [3H] CP55,940 binding was seen in all brain regions examined after 4 and 14 days treatment. A decrease in body weight was recorded during the first 4 days of treatment but after this animals began to gain weight. Correlations (0.865 < r < 0.659, P < 0.0001) between body weight on day four and CB1 receptor binding were found in all brain regions examined suggesting that downregulation of CB1 receptors may contribute to the induction of tolerance to body weight loss induced by HU210.