, Volume 84, Issue 3, pp 245-248
Date: 06 Apr 2007

FABP7 expression in glioblastomas: relation to prognosis, invasion and EGFR status

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FABP7 expression has been analysed in a series of 123 glioblastomas (68 pure GBM, 55 GBMO, i.e. with oligodendroglial component). FABP7, found in 91/123 samples, showed a pure cytoplasmic expression in 69 cases, and cytoplasmic + nuclear expression in 22 cases. FABP7 expression was associated with pure GBM histology and shorter survival (15.7 months versus 21.5 months). Nuclear expression of FABP7 was more specifically related to EGFR amplification and more invasive tumors. These data, although they need to be confirmed by further studies, support the relation between FABP7, astrocytic features, invasion and poor prognosis and suggests that EGFR amplification is associated with nuclear translocation of FABP7.