, Volume 74, Issue 2, pp 195-199

Growth Retardation and Bilateral Cataracts Followed by Anaplastic Meningioma 23 Years after High-Dose Cranial and Whole-Body Irradiation for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Case Report and Review of the Literature

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We report a case of meningioma diagnozed 23 years after high-dose cranial and whole-body irradiation for the treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Radiotherapy in this case also caused early radiation injury to the lenses and the pituitary gland, with growth retardation and mineralizing angiopathy. Radiation-induced meningiomas are more commonly malignant, more commonly multiple, and more likely to recur after resection than non-radiation-induced meningiomas. Survivors of childhood ALL treated with high-dose cranial irradiation are at risk both for early radiation injury in radiosensitive organs, such as the lens and pituitary gland, and for the later development of a radiation-induced meningioma.