, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 305-316
Date: 25 Mar 2010

Les avant-propos de Philippe Lejeune ou les introductions intimes d’une œuvre de critique littéraire

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Through the main books of Philippe Lejeune, I propose to show how the French specialist of autobiography produces himself autobiographical texts when he introduces his theoretical texts. He is proceeding slowly, from a classical way to introduce his theoretical texts in the beginning of his career, to, at the end, an intimate way to introduce them. We can see how the researcher is going out of the way of academic discourse to go to the defense of the anonymous intimate discourse through the theory and the practice, with the example of the introductions to his theory which are some type of anonymous intimate discourse.

Une partie de ce chapitre sera publié dans les Actes du colloque international Préfaces et comptes-rendus dans les sciences sociales et humaines qui a eu lieu à Tallinn les 4–6 décembre 2008.