, Volume 7, Issue 2-3, pp 237-247

On PbS nanoparticles formed in the compartments of water/AOT/n-heptane microemulsion

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Colloidal nanodispersion of lead sulfide has been prepared in the aqueous compartments of water/AOT/n-heptane. Compartmentalization has prevented growth and coagulation of particles in the dispersion. The uv–vis and fluorescence spectral measurements of the colloidal PbS dispersion were taken. Particle size has been determined by laser light scattering, transmission electron microscopy and absorption spectroscopy. The effects of temperature, ω (water/AOT mole ratio), [AOT], and [PbS] on the particle size have been examined. The nanodispersed particles in microemulsion capped with thiophenol and dodecanethiol were isolated and characterized by the TEM and FTIR methods.

This revised version was published online in August 2005 with a corrected issue number.