Date: 21 Nov 2012


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This is the second editorial after I became the Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) in January 2011. Instead of having an editorial for each issue, my plan is to have one editorial for each year only, usually for the first issue of the year.

I would like to update some statistics of MSSP since my previous editorial in June 2012. I am pleased to report that the latest impact factor (2011) of MSSP has further increase to 0.953 from 0.822 in the previous year (2010). In 2011, we received a total of 99 regular papers. Except for 3 papers still under review, final decisions have been made on 96 papers with 26 papers accepted. This gives an acceptance rate of about 27 % (26/96) for regular papers. The number of submissions, including both regular papers and special issue papers, keeps increasing. At the time of writing this editorial on 8 November 2012, we have received 128 papers in 2012. As the number of papers published online has increas ...