, Volume 66, Issue 3, pp 573-588
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Image scrambling based on chaotic sequences and Veginère cipher

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Digital image scrambling is commonly used for image data security. This paper proposes an image scrambling algorithm based on chaos theory and Vigenère cipher. The scrambling process is performed on the grey level of each pixel by sorting the chaotic sequence as Vigenère cipher, then the pixel positions are shuffled by accompanied chaotic sequence. The new scheme avoid discretization of chaotic sequence, therefore there is no requirement of probability density function of the chaotic orbits. The simulation and experiments validate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed new algorithm.

A preliminary vision of this paper appeared in CIS’2011 [9]. Compared with the preliminary vision, we have enhanced the following aspects: (1) A new algorithm is proposed in this paper by adding position scrambling with accompanied chaotic sequence to the system. The scrambling algorithm proposed in this paper is performed on pixel grey levels and positions; (2) Chaotic map is extended to multi-dimensional; (3) Additional related work, analysis, and experimental results have been provided; and (4) Comparison between algorithms proposed in this paper and in [9] is presented in experiment section.