, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp 77-98
Date: 05 Nov 2010

Research and applications on georeferenced multimedia: a survey

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In recent years, the emergence of georeferenced media, like geotagged photos, on the Internet has opened up a new world of possibilities for geographic related research and applications. Despite of its short history, georeferenced media has been attracting attentions from several major research communities of Computer Vision, Multimedia, Digital Libraries and KDD. This paper provides a comprehensive survey on recent research and applications on online georeferenced media. Specifically, the survey focuses on four aspects: (1) organizing and browsing georeferenced media resources, (2) mining semantic/social knowledge from georeferenced media, (3) learning landmarks in the world, and (4) estimating geographic location of a photo. Furthermore, based on the current technical achievements, open research issues and challenges are identified, and directions that can lead to compelling applications are suggested.