, Volume 109, Issue 1-4, pp 77-89
Date: 10 Nov 2012

Nonplanar Ion Acoustic Waves with Nonthermal Electrons

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Using the standard reductive perturbation technique, nonlinear cylindrical and spherical Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) equations are derived for the propagation of ion acoustic solitary waves in an unmagnetized collisionless plasma with nonthermal electrons and warm ions. The influence of nonthermally distributed electrons and the effects caused by the transverse perturbation on cylindrical and spherical ion acoustic waves (IAWs) are investigated. It is observed that the presence of nonthermally distributed electrons has a significant role in the nature of ion acoustic waves. In particular, when the nonthermal distribution parameter β takes certain values the usual cylindrical KP equation (CKPE) and spherical KP equation (SKPE) become invalid. One then has to have recourse to the modified CKPE or SKPE. Analytical solutions of both CKPE and SKPE and their modified versions are discussed in the present paper. The present investigation may have relevance in the study of propagation of IAWs in space and laboratory plasmas.