, Volume 39, Issue 12, pp 10997-11004
Date: 07 Oct 2012

Systematic review and meta-analysis of COX-2 expression and polymorphisms in prostate cancer

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Evidence is accumulating that cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) may play an important role in prostate cancer (PCa). Recently, gene polymorphisms in COX-2 have been implicated to alter the risk of PCa and overexpression of COX-2 may be associated with clinical and prognostic significance in PCa. However, the results of these studies are inconclusive or controversial. To derive a more precise estimation of the relationships, we performed an updated meta-analysis. A comprehensive search was conducted to examine all the eligible studies of COX-2 polymorphism and expression in PCa. We used odds ratios (ORs) to assess the strength of the association and the 95 % confidence intervals (CIs) give a sense of the precision of the estimate. Overall, no significant associations between COX-2 polymorphism and PCa risk were found. However, high expression of COX-2 was significantly higher in T3–T4 stages of PCa than in T1–T2 stages of PCa (OR = 2.33, 95 %CI: 1.54–3.53, P < 0.0001). COX-2 might play an important role in the progress of PCa, overexpression of COX-2 correlates with T3–T4 stages of PCa. COX-2 might be a potential therapy target for PCa and work as a prognostic factor for PCa patients.