, Volume 37, Issue 7, pp 3601-3608
Date: 27 Feb 2010

Linking the septin expression with carcinogenesis

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The septin is a conserved GTP binding protein family which is involved in multiple cellular processes. Many evidences have indicated that some septins were abnormally expressed in certain kinds of tumors and the altered expressions were related to the process of carcinogenesis. To better understand the relationship between septins and cancer, we compared the expression of 14 human septin family members in 35 kinds of tumor types with their normal counterparts using the publicly available ONCOMINE microarray database. We found altered expression of most septin members in many kinds of tumors. Significantly, SEPT2, SEPT8, SEPT9, SEPT11 were consistently up-regulated, and SEPT4, SEPT10 were down-regulated in most cancer types investigated. Furthermore, the abnormal expressions were also in accordance with the tumor malignances or prognosis of corresponding cancer patients. These findings have contributed to the view that septins may belong to a kind of cancer critical genes. More septins might act as potential oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes in cancer development.