Molecular Biology Reports

, Volume 37, Issue 7, pp 3413-3420

First online:

Genetic diversity of Iranian Aegilops tauschii Coss. using microsatellite molecular markers and morphological traits

  • Zahra TahernezhadAffiliated withMolecular Marker Lab, Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute Email author 
  • , Mohammad Javad ZamaniAffiliated withSeed and Plant Improvement Institute
  • , Mahmood SoloukiAffiliated withDepartment of Agronomy & Plant Breeding, University of Zabol
  • , Mehdi ZahraviAffiliated withNational Plant Gene Bank of Iran
  • , Abbas Ali ImamjomehAffiliated withDepartment of Agronomy & Plant Breeding, University of Zabol
  • , Mohammad JafaraghaeiAffiliated withNational Plant Gene Bank of Iran
  • , Mohammad Reza BihamtaAffiliated withDepartment of Agronomy and Plant breeding, Agriculture College, Tehran University

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Aegilops tauschii Coss. is a diploid (2n = 2x = 14,DD) goat grass species which has contributed the D genome in common wheat. Genetic variations in 28 accessions of Aegilops tauschii belonged to different provinces of Iran, were evaluated using 16 morphological traits and 19 SSR markers. In number of spikelet per spike and plant height, there was a high variation in ssp. tauschii and ssp. strangulata respectively and for days to mature a low variation in both subspecies was found. Discriminant function analysis showed that 67.9% of original grouped cases correctly classified. Factor analysis indicated that three factor explain 66.49% of total variation. The three clusters revealed by the cluster analysis were not consistent with their geographical distributions. We determined 208 alleles using 19 microsatellites. Average of alleles for every locus was 10.94. The total average of PIC was 0.267. 2261 bands produced for total of genotypes and Chinese Spring had the highest bands (95 alleles). The range of similarity coefficients was between 0.23 and 0.73. Genotypes were clustered using UPGMA method. The accessions did not match according to morphological cluster and geographical regions. 51.2% of total variations were related to 9 principle components.


Aegilops tauschii Genetic diversity Morphological trait Microsatellite