, Volume 25, Issue 3, pp 365-367
Date: 06 Feb 2010

Mike Gale and cereal genetics research in China

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Mike was one of the leading scientists in agricultural research internationally. The significant contributions he made to wheat linkage map construction, comparative genomics among cereals, and the cloning of genes of agronomic importance made him prominent in wheat genetics and agricultural biotechnology research. He was also tireless in offering advice to numerous national and international agricultural research institutions, in educating and training students and visiting scientists from every corner of the world, and in promoting international collaborations. Here we provide an outline on the contributions Mike made to agricultural biotechnology research in China.

Mike’s laboratory was a ‘training centre’ for many Chinese agribiotech scientists

In the late 1980s, Mike’s laboratory at the former Cambridge Laboratory and then the John Innes Centre became one of the best in wheat genetic research in the world. Attracted by its fame, scientists from all over the world, among them more th ...