, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 629-648
Date: 19 Jul 2008

An integrated DArT-SSR linkage map of durum wheat

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Genetic mapping in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) is constrained by its large genome and allopolyploid nature. We developed a Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) platform for durum wheat to enable efficient and cost-effective mapping and molecular breeding applications. Genomic representations from 56 durum accessions were used to assemble a DArT genotyping microarray. Microsatellite (SSR) and DArT markers were mapped on a durum wheat recombinant inbred population (176 lines). The integrated DArT-SSR map included 554 loci (162 SSRs and 392 DArT markers) and spanned 2022 cM (5 cM/marker on average). The DArT markers from durum wheat were positioned in respect to anchor SSRs and hexaploid wheat DArT markers. DArT markers compared favourably to SSRs to evaluate genetic relationships among the durum panel, with 1315 DArT polymorphisms found across the accessions. Combining DArT and SSR platforms provides an efficient and rapid method of generating linkage maps in durum wheat.