, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 367-384
Date: 20 Apr 2008

Identification of QTL for sugar-related traits in a sweet × grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) recombinant inbred population

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QTL for stem sugar-related and other agronomic traits were identified in a converted sweet (R9188) × grain (R9403463-2-1) sorghum population. QTL analyses were conducted using phenotypic data for 11 traits measured in two field experiments and a genetic map comprising 228 SSR and AFLP markers grouped into 16 linkage groups, of which 11 could be assigned to the 10 sorghum chromosomes (SBI-01 to SBI-10). QTL were identified for all traits and were generally co-located to five locations (SBI-01, SBI-03, SBI-05, SBI-06 and SBI-10). QTL alleles from R9188 were detected for increased sucrose content and sugar content on SBI-01, SBI-05 and SBI-06. R9188 also contributed QTL alleles for increased Brix on SBI-05 and SBI-06, and increased sugar content on SBI-03. QTL alleles from R9403463-2-1 were found for increased sucrose content and sucrose yield on SBI-10, and increased glucose content on SBI-07. QTL alleles for increased height, later flowering and greater total dry matter yield were located on SBI-01 of R9403463-2-1, and SBI-06 of R9188. QTL alleles for increased grain yield from both R9403463-2-1 and R9188 were found on SBI-03. As an increase in stem sugars is an important objective in sweet sorghum breeding, the QTL identified in this study could be further investigated for use in marker-assisted selection of sweet sorghum.