, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp 286-302

The Coping Competence Questionnaire: A measure of resilience to helplessness and depression

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Based on helplessness/hopelessness theories of depression, the 12-item Coping Competence Questionnaire (CCQ) was designed to assess resilience against helplessness and depression. Evidence from a study involving 2,224 participants indicates that the CCQ is highly reliable, stable over a 1-month period, unidimensional, and internally valid. The CCQ converged negatively with measures of depression, neuroticism, and stress reaction and showed discriminant validity with a variety of other personality constructs. Compared to a measure of attributional style, the CCQ proved to be a superior predictor of depressed mood. Path models support the assumption that the CCQ buffers the effects of stress and negative life events on depressed mood and that dysfunctional coping mediates the effects of coping competence deficits on depression.

Parts of this manuscript were presented at the 116th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in Boston, MA, August 14–17, 2008.