, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 215-224
Date: 30 May 2009

Parallel synthesis of a series of non-functional ATP/NAD analogs with activity against trypanosomatid parasites

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Non-functional analogs of the cofactors ATP and NAD are putative inhibitors of ATP- or NAD-dependant enzymes. Since pathogenic protozoa rely heavily on the salvage of purine nucleosides from the bloodstream of their host, such compounds are of interest as antiplasmodial and antitrypanosomal agents with a multitude of molecular targets. By replacing the negatively charged phosphate residues with a constrained unsaturated amide spacer and the nicotinamide moiety of NAD with various lipophilic substituents, 15 new ATP/NAD analogs were obtained in screening quantities. In these compounds, a 5′-desoxyadenosine moiety was conserved as key molecular recognition motif. The inhibition of P. falciparum and T. brucei ssp. in a whole parasite in vitro assay is reported.