, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 259-262
Date: 27 Nov 2012

Olaf Sporns: Networks of the Brain

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Consider the World Wide Web, the banking system in Europe, a pack of wolves in Alaska, the Italian football federation, a criminal organization in Brazil, and the human brain. What do they have in common? Here is an answer: They all comprise intricately interconnected elements whose organized activity gives rise to peculiar phenomena and behaviour. In short, they are all complex networks.

Over the last decade or so, research on complex networks has expanded across diverse fields in the social and natural sciences alike, exploring the behaviour of complex systems ranging from cells to economic institutions. Networks of the Brain is a passionate exploration of the myriad ways in which a network approach can be brought to bear on neuroscience, so as to re-shape the methodologies that are used to study the brain as well as the questions we ask to understand how the brain works.

With this book, Olaf Sporns wants “to introduce networks to neuroscientists and make neuroscience appealing to all ...