, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 61-65
Date: 27 Dec 2011

Haluk Ogmen and Bruno G. Breitmeyer (eds.): The First Half Second: The Microgenesis and Temporal Dynamics of Unconscious and Conscious Visual Processes

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Consciousness is a neurobiological process, and this is what most neuroscientists believe. William James as well believed in the physiological base of consciousness, though he had other views about this baffling phenomenon. The investigation of consciousness has been pursued with vigor by philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists with different methods. For psychologists who study visual perception with different psychophysical tasks or neuropsychologists who study patient performance, the conscious process always goes from unconsciousness to complete knowledge. Thus one becomes conscious of something over time and loses it because of a lesion. Philosophers like Brentano (1874) believe that consciousness is an intentional property of the mind. Thus, situating consciousness and its study in the natural domain allows us to posit hypotheses about its origin and character. Neurophysiological investigations have shown how understanding brain processes and their temporal nature could i ...