, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 53-55
Date: 04 Aug 2011

L. Albertazzi, G. J. van Tonder, and D. Vishwanath (eds): Perception Beyond Inference: The Information Content of Visual Processes

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This book is both difficult and rewarding, affording a wide outlook on perception that takes advantage of a very extended interdisciplinary intellectual commitment. Conventional models of perception are discussed and questioned, stressing instead the very profound “post-inferential” character of vision, which involves creation of the semantic information allowing the perceiver to efficiently organize the meaningless structure present at the physical limit between the body and its surroundings. Intentionality, seen both from a philosophical and cognitive perspective, is at the root of visual qualities—that are essential and real—and provides an aesthetic and meaningful interface to the structures of physics and the state of the brain.

Most importantly the book exemplifies a mode of doing cognitive research that seems a welcome departure from the traditional focus on purely psychological and/or neurological arguments. The book is the joint effort of a multidisciplinary group of authors, w ...