, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 483-487
Date: 01 Oct 2010

Computational Creativity: A Continuing Journey

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As the final touches are being put to this very special issue of Minds and Machines, which showcases a selection of the finest contributions to the 2008 International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity, Tony Blair has just unveiled his memoirs to a sharply divided public. As befitting this controversial figure’s polarizing legacy, reactions to his autobiography—entitled A Journey—have ranged from the painfully predictable to the creatively original. The jeering crowds that awaited Mr. Blair outside book signings and other public events were entirely predictable, as were the cries of “war criminal” and other lazy categorizations that have long since lost their creative bite. Slightly less predictable was the hurling of shoes at Mr. Blair, an analogical echo of another time when footwear was used as a cultural missile against George W. Bush. At a Dublin book signing, this minor act of analogical creativity was both enhanced and undermined by the cost-effective and very ironic cho ...