, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp 137-142
Date: 02 Oct 2010

Allen Buchanan: Justice and Health Care: Selected Essays

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Justice and Health Care: Selected Essays collects, in a systematic but non-chronological fashion, ten of Buchanan’s most significant essays on justice and health care, written over a period of almost three decades. As the Obama administration continues to struggle to implement much-needed comprehensive health care reform in the hopes of controlling rising health care costs and extending affordable health care to over 46 million uninsured Americans [1], there could hardly be a more appropriate time to read Buchanan’s selected essays.

In each essay, the reader finds a methodical approach that applies economics, political science, constitutional law, and a practical perspective on policy making to a key issue surrounding the institutional implementation of a just health care system. Even though several of Buchanan’s essays were originally published over ten years ago, including two essays from the mid-1980s, all of the essays in this book continue to be relevant.

Buchanan addresses a range ...