, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 471-474
Date: 11 Oct 2012

Understanding knowledge

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Knowledge is a nicely written and engaging introduction to epistemology focused on the contemporary debates surrounding the concept of knowledge. It is very broad in its attention, touching on an extensive number of epistemological issues, while consistently engaging the contemporary literature. The book is very accessible with key principles clearly defined, as well as central arguments and examples carefully presented and explained. Knowledge also goes beyond introducing the reader the contemporary epistemological scene. Evans and Smith also present and motivate their own novel analysis of knowledge, complemented with a focus on non-human animal knowledge.

In chapter 1, Evans and Smith provide an introduction to the theory of knowledge and begin their conceptual analysis. Although much of setup is to help the reader fix in on the appropriate target concept and to get some early practice wielding intuitions, Evans and Smith also argue from some non-traditional theses from the get-go. F ...