, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 505-508
Date: 11 Oct 2012

Early science in Sydney: the labours of Archibald Liversidge

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Roy MacLeod, Emeritus Professor of History at Sydney University, has had a distinguished and productive career and is a man of many parts. He studied History, History of Science, and Biochemical Sciences at Harvard, Sociology at the London School of Economics, and History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge. He joined the new Social Policy Research Unit at Sussex University in 1966 and was later appointed to the foundation chair in Science Education at London University, prior to his appointment to his chair in Australia in 1982. At Sydney University, he taught a wide range of subjects but was, almost as often as not, away on visiting fellowships or consultancies, or teaching at other universities round the world. He has many research papers and has edited or co-edited numerous books, as well as being editor of Minerva. Throughout his time in Sydney, we knew that he was working on a ‘big book’—a biography of Archibald Liversidge (1846–1927), one of the early science professors at Sy ...