, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 201-206
Date: 26 Jun 2012

From setting the distance to adjusting the focus

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As biotechnologies and nanotechnologies are becoming paradigmatic of nowadays science, what happened to science as we (thought we) knew it? Are we witnessing a break of an epochal character? Science Transformed? is a collection of essays that revolve around the question whether recent science hallmarks an epochal break.

The book is organized in two sections: the first one gathers essays that discuss the pertinence of the epochal break thesis as a whole, and the second provides empirical support to test the thesis in a number of fields: scientific experimentation practices and ideal-types, digital imaging media, robotics, medical research and computational modelling. The book ends on a series of ‘sticking points’ on which further research should focus.

While each chapter adopts a singular vantage-point to address the epochal break issue, the book as a whole offers a coherent and well-organized panorama of the problem. Each contribution nicely responds to the others and they share conceptu