, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 165-168
Date: 09 Mar 2012

Popper: yet again

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Popper’s ideas are neglected in the current debates in the philosophy of science, and there is a good reason for this; rather simplistic (when compared with Kuhn’s, Lakatos’s or Feyerabend’s, not to mention Reichenbach’s or Carnap’s), Popper’s views have not passed the test of time. So, one naturally wonders, “Is Rowbottom going to revive (some of) them? Will we be shown hidden gems? Will we be presented with a re-evaluation of Popperian philosophy and if so from what perspective?”

The book does not have an Introduction, so there is no place where to look for the answers to the above questions or, more generally, for a description of the project to be pursued. If interested in understanding what is the goal of the work, all one could draw on is a few sentences in the two-page Preface. We read that “contemporary philosophy has something to learn from Popper and (…) Popperians (or Neo-Popperians) have a lot to learn from contemporary philosophy.” Something slightly more illuminating comes ...