, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 505-508

A long-awaited edition of Zermelo’s works

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Ernst Zermelo (1871–1953) was one of the founding fathers of set theory, best known for formulating the Axiom of Choice and for his axiomatisation of set theory (ZFC, for Zermelo-Fraenkel-Choice). However, his papers include also pioneering work in applied mathematics and mathematical physics. The volume we are reviewing is the first (of two) in this welcome edition of his collected papers. (Vol. II, not yet published, will deal with the calculus of variations, applied mathematics, and physics.)

In recent years, the library of collected works of mathematicians has seen the addition of several very relevant items, filling important gaps in relation to set theory, mathematical logic, and foundations. In the years around 1990 came the works of Kurt Gödel, the most important logician in the twentieth century, who left an indelible mark on the historical development of set theory (most importantly through the study of models of ZFC and the introduction of new axioms concerning so-called ‘lar