, Volume 374, Issue 1-2, pp 105-111
Date: 06 Nov 2012

S100A10 is required for the organization of actin stress fibers and promotion of cell spreading

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Dynamic remodeling of the actin cytoskeleton is crucial for biological processes such as cell migration and cell spreading. S100A10 is a member of the S100 protein family and is involved in intracellular trafficking and cell migration. In this study, we examined the role of S100A10 in actin cytoskeletal organization and cell spreading. Depletion of S100A10 induced disruption of stress fiber formation and delay in cell spreading. Rac1 activation during spreading was suppressed by S100A10 knockdown, and exogenous expression of active Rac1 restored the ability of cells to spread in the absence of S100A10. Our results demonstrate the crucial role of S100A10 in actin dynamics promoting cell spreading via Rac1 activation.