, Volume 322, Issue 1-2, pp 137-142
Date: 12 Nov 2008

Cell cycle specific expression and nucleolar localization of human J-domain containing co-chaperon Mrj

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J-domain containing co-chaperone Mrj (mammalian relative to DnaJ) has been implicated in diverse cellular functions including placental development and inhibition of Huntingtin mediated cytotoxicity. It has also been shown to interact with keratin intermediate filaments. Since keratins undergo extensive reorganization during cell division, its interactor Mrj might also play an important role in the regulation of cell cycle. In support of this hypothesis, we report the up-regulation of Mrj protein in M-phase of HeLa cells implicating its role in mitosis related activities. The protein is dispersed throughout the cell during late mitosis and is localized in nucleolus during interphase, confirming that the activity of Mrj is regulated by its cell cycle specific expression together with its differential subcellular localization.