, Volume 297, Issue 1-2, pp 215-220
Date: 28 Sep 2006

Functional characterization of AATF transcriptome in human leukemic cells

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The study, addressed to explore the transcriptional expression and regulation of Apoptosis-antagonizing transcription factor (AATF) gene within various types of human leukemic cell lines, revealed that AATF gene was overexpressed ubiquitously in all the leukemic cell lines studied and this upregulation was accompanied by c-myc gene overamplification in these cells. Downregulation of AATF gene transcription within leukemic cells not only resulted in the downregulation of c-myc gene and vice-versa but also contributed to apoptosis leading to cell death. Further, the link between AATF expression and leukemic cellular apoptosis involved PI3K/Akt pathway. Based on these results we propose that AATF gene may be of crucial importance in maintaining the leukemic state of a cell compartment through its ability to initiate cell proliferation coupled with repression of cellular apoptosis.