, Volume 296, Issue 1-2, pp 129-136
Date: 06 Sep 2006

Tbx3, a transcriptional factor, involves in proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stromal cells

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Tbx3 is a transcription factor, the mutation of which causes ulnar mammary syndrome (UMS) characterized by abnormality and hypoplasia of the mammary gland, teeth, limbs, hair and genitalia. Tbx3 has been reported to be related to apoptosis and proliferation of rat bladder carcinoma cell and to regulate proliferation and differentiation of mouse osteoblast cells. Human adipose tissue stromal cells (hADSC) have been defined as multipotential adult stem cells, capable of differentiating into a variety of cell types such as osteoblasts, chondrocytes, adipocytes, muscle cells, and neural cells. To determine the functional roles of Tbx3 expression in hADSC, we used lentivirus siRNA vector. Expression of Tbx3 was downregulated during culture expansion. Downregulation of Tbx3 in hADSC by transduction of siTbx3 lentivirus decreased proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of hADSC. Expression of Tbx3 and the ratio of Tbx3 + 2a to Tbx3 increased during osteogenic differentiation. This report shows that Tbx3 plays an important role on osteogenic differentiation and proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cell derived from adipose tissue.

These corresponding authors equally contributed in the work.