, Volume 292, Issue 1-2, pp 205-212
Date: 20 Jun 2006

BRD2 is one of BRD7-interacting proteins and its over-expression could initiate apoptosis

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BRD7 is a potential nuclear transcription regulation factor related to nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). BRD2, a putative BRD7-interacting protein, has been screened from human fetal brain cDNA library by yeast two-hybrid system. This study was to further identify the interaction between BRD7 and BRD2 in mammalian cells, and to investigate the subcellular localization of BRD2, as well as the effect on the functions of cell biology. Both immunoprecipitation and subcellular colocalization were performed together to identify the interaction of BRD7 with full-length BRD2, as well as C-terminal truncated BRD2 or N-terminal truncated BRD2. GFP direct fluorescence and Hochest 33258 staining were used to investigate the cellular localization pattern of BRD2 and the roles in initiating cell apoptosis in COS7 and HNE1. The results showed that BRD7 could interact with BRD2 and the region from amino acid 430 to 798 of BRD2 was critical for the interaction of BRD2 with BRD7. BRD2 mainly localizes in nucleus in two distribution patterns, diffused and dotted, and BRD2 has distinct roles in initiating apoptosis, and the dotted distribution pattern of BRD2 in nucleus may be a morphologic marker of cell apoptosis.