, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 247-252
Date: 30 Apr 2011

Salomon Maimon: Essay on transcendental philosophy. Nick Midgley, Henry Somers-Hall, Alistair Welchman and Merten Reglitz (trans)

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The philosopher Salomon Maimon (1753–1800), who is widely known for his Autobiography (1792),

Maimon (2001), originally published under the title Salomon Maimons Lebensgeschichte in 1792.

has unfortunately been a rather marginalized figure in philosophy, and his extensive philosophical work, which comprises several books, commentaries and journal articles, unduly neglected. This is all the more surprising, since Maimon was a very active figure on the philosophical scene during his day. Apart from his numerous articles, he kept up correspondence with prominent scholars, such as Reinhold, Ben David and others, though he never held a chair of philosophy himself. Fichte, who can be seen as the main philosophical heir of Maimon’s thoughts, spoke of him with high esteem and confessed his limitless respect toward his talents.

Fichte, ‘Letter to Reinhold, March or April 1795' (1970, p. 282).

Yet, after his death, Maimon’s oeuvre fell almost completely into oblivion. As Samuel Atlas speculates, M ...