Marketing Letters

, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 239–254

Models of Multi-Category Choice Behavior


    • Rice University
  • Siddhartha Chib
    • Washington University
  • Andrew Ainslie
    • University of California
  • Peter Boatwright
    • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Tat Chan
    • Washington University
  • Sachin Gupta
    • Cornell University
  • Nitin Mehta
    • University of Toronto
  • Vithala Rao
    • Cornell University
  • Andrei Strijnev
    • University of Texas

DOI: 10.1007/s11002-005-5888-y

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Seetharaman, P.B., Chib, S., Ainslie, A. et al. Market Lett (2005) 16: 239. doi:10.1007/s11002-005-5888-y


Given the advent of basket-level purchasing data of households, choice modelers are actively engaged in the development of statistical and econometric models of multi-category choice behavior of households. This paper reviews current developments in this area of research, discussing the modeling methodologies that have been used, the empirical findings that have emerged so far, and directions for future research. We also motivate the use of Bayesian methods to overcome the computational challenges involved in estimation.


multi-categorymultivariate choicesbasket databayesian estimation
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