Journal of Management & Governance

, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 95-127

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Economic reforms, corporate governance and privatization method as determinants in performance changes of new privatized firms: the case of MENA countries

  • Oussama NheriAffiliated withUniversity of Economics and Management of Tunis-Tunisia Email author 


This paper aims to provide the determinants of how privatization works in some selected Middle East North Africa countries. Using a sample of 75 new privatized firms we examine the performance changes in countries namely Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. We document a significant increase in profitability, efficiency and output as well as a decrease in leverage. We also identify that these improvements vary with economic reforms and environment, effectiveness of corporate governance and the privatization method used. In particular, financial liberalization and control relinquishment by the government are associated with higher efficiency and output. Furthermore, foreign participation and the use of share issue privatization as divestment method appear to have a positive impact on efficiency and output changes. Additionally, the use of private sales is related to a significant decrease in leverage. Finally our results highlight the importance of economic reforms, corporate governance and the choice of privatization method in explaining the post privatization changes in performance.


Corporate governance Privatization method Economic reforms MENA countries Performance

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G32 G38