, Volume 18, Issue 1-2, pp 15-49

Transformational Derivation of an Improved Alias Analysis Algorithm

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In this paper we use a program transformational approach to obtain an asymptotically improved may-alias analysis algorithm. We derive an O(N 3) time algorithm for computing an intra-procedural flow sensitive may-alias analysis, where N denotes the number of edges in the program control flow graph (CFG). Our algorithm improves the previous O(N 5) time algorithm by Hind et al. [19]. Our time complexity improvement comes without any deterioration in space complexity. We also show that for a large subclass of programs in which the in-degree and out-degree of all CFG nodes is bounded by a constant, our algorithm is linear in the sum of the number of edges in the CFG of the program and the size of the output, i.e., the size of the computed alias information, and is therefore asymptotically optimal. Our transformational algorithm derivation technique also leads to a simplified yet precise analysis of time complexity.

The work in this paper was done when the author was a graduate student at New York University. This paper was originally submitted when the author was a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.