, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp 1437-1440
Date: 25 Oct 2007

Landscape ecology and sustainability

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The sustainability revolution and landscape ecology

One of the major themes of the recent 7th IALE World Congress was “Landscape Ecology and Sustainability.” However, in spite of the many planning, management, conservation, and restoration projects presented at the congress and published in “Landscape Ecology” and other journals, the real impact of landscape ecology (LE) on decision making on sustainable land use is still very limited. With exception of the Netherlands, Slovakia, and UK, the “landscape” as the most suitable, integrative conceptual, and practical tool for sustainable development has not yet reached nation- and world-wide recognition. This IALE World Congress took place in the crucial transitional period from the industrial age to the global information age. This “Macroshift” (sensu Laszlo 2001) is marked by a severe ecological, cultural, and socio-economic crisis, in which human society has little time left for the choice of navigating this transformation either to a bre ...